Regardless of the method of decorating, rugs give warmth to any home. We can tailor to each, even the most demanding stylish interior.
Our rugs are perfect combination of premium design and fine natural materials. We make them by using the technique of manual Tufting using the highest quality New Zealand wool, cotton and linen. Handmade woolen rugs are our long-standing tradition. Thanks to the persistence and the expert team we have achieved our objective, which is recognized by customers. We have become a leading Croatian company in the production of unique woolen rugs. In our company, the customer chooses carpet as he wants by selecting colour, design, shape and size. In that way we enable the customer to leave the imagination. Not restricted in choice of color or technique.
Each wish can come true! But even that we did not stop.
In a constant effort to offer something new, we decided to launch a project called “Croatian product – Croatian design.” We knew that in Croatia there is no production of rugs signed designer names.
Our mission was to bring together leading Croatian designers and who joined us all – take a look at the following pages …
Saga Saga rugs